What is Going on Here?

I have fought against doing this kind of thing for years. Those who know me well, know that i prefer a low profile where I can get my head down and make games. A wise person, who is another accomplished creative, recommended creating a site and had a long list of good reasons. I decided to listen.

The purpose of this place is for me to share my thoughts on game design, general geekdom and my miniatures work with you in a positive way. You may find a passionate rant or two, but negativity has no place here.

For the budding game designer I hope to share a few things I’ve learned over the years. As much as possible I’ll pull from the non glamorous side of actual game development. The nuts and bolts are where the actual magic happens. Much like a movie set is different than a finished film, game development is vastly different than the final product. We’ll get into the guts here!

For those that like geek stuff, I’ll share what influences me most along with some links to the great people I’ve had the honor of working with or learning from over the years. You can find all that in the Geek Stuff area.

If you like miniatures, painting them is what I do in my spare time. It’s restful, fun and it lets me focus. There’s a gallery of most the work I’ve done here and I’ll be adding to it regularly over time.

If even one person finds one cool thing or bit of knowledge that they didn’t have before – mission accomplished.

I live and breathe the creations I’m involved in and it’ll be my pleasure to share them with you.

– Matt