My Favorite Area at E3

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So, we just got done unveiling Feud at E3. It was a blast. Before we went to the OGA/MIX event I had a bit of time to walk the show floor. While I enjoy seeing all the big new games I find myself over in the Classic Arcade area every year. For some reason it’s my favorite part of the show.


Back then gaming was pure and crazy. People would come up with wild ideas and see them through. Just looking at some of the consoles, shirts, old cartridges and the rest of it reminds me how the founders of the industry were explorers. Purposefully located nearby was the Indiecade which is home to a new age of explorers. I could say the same for the event where Feud was unveiled. It’s there you can find the gems that don’t fit into the FPS/big action adventure game mold and where you may even see an early look at potential genre creation in its infancy.


Hats off to all the independents who are still pushing the line and recapturing that original magic of game creation. Despite my love for the big games, I always feel more at home when I’m close to the old school games and free thinkers.